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English Day
English Day Today
October 25
Every Where Every Year
On 210th [October 25, 2009] birth anniversary of Thomas Babington Macaulay- popularly known as Lord Macaulay, we embraced October 25 as the English Day to be celebrated every where every year.
In response to my email invitation titled THE ENGLISH DAY, guests began sliding by 07:00PM The event began at 08:00PM when noted social scientist Prof. Gail Omvedt was invited to cut the Cake for Lord Macaulay.
Amidst loud cheers, Mr. Digvijay Singh- two term Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, unveiled the two feet high, 12kg in weight, Statue of the Dalit Goddess English.
I presented replicas of the statue to five important friends of mine who have played a critical role in my mission. Digvijay Singh was accorded this honor for his pioneering policy initiative of Supplier Diversity for Dalits & Adivasis in Madhya Pradesh. Over 2000 Dalit & Adivasi entrepreneurs in the state now supply goods and services to the state government.
Dr. Chandan Mitra- Editor-In-Chief of the English daily The Pioneer was chosen for the award for his ground breaking decision-launching the first weekly column- Dalit Diary, for a Dalit columnist in India. Launched on April 04, 1999, Dalit Diary remains the only Dalit authored weekly column in India's print medium.
Meenakshi Nath was the logical choice for the replica of the Goddess English as she funded my stay in Delhi when I was planning to return to my native place. I had no regular source of income.
Famous Dalit artist Shant Swaroop Baudh earned the honor as it is he who painted English the Dalit Goddess.
As a gesture of gratitude to the British nation, Mr. Kevin McLaven, First Secretary, British Council, was requested to accept the Goddess English replica.
After the award ceremony, few brief speeches were made on the role Lord Macaulay played in shaping future of India.
Prof. Nivedita Menon was first to speak, followed by Dr. Narendra Jadhav. Dr. Jadhav spoke at length detailing as how Lord Macaulay's ground breaking initiative facilitated Dalits entry into school rooms. "Under Gurukula system, Dalits had a zero chance of entering the indigenous school system", said Dr. Jadhav, lovingly called India's Dalit Obama. Prof. Bibek Debroy- the hyper hypnotizer, spoke on the life and works of Lord Macaulay. "It was Lord Macaulay who brought all Indians equal before Law by drafting Indian Penal Code and Cr. PC", he added. "Macaulay never married. As far as I know, he had no children. But, let me tell you, we all gathered here this evening, are Children of Macaulay", thundered Debroy the unstoppable. Famous TV Journalist Ravish Kumar outlined as how important the Goddess English is in a age when we are witness to birth of so many Gods and Goddesses. Prof. Ashis Nandy- a no Macaulay fan, argued as why Dalits can use English as a weapon of emancipation.
Several noted personalities had graced the occasion. S Krishna Anand- author on Buddha, writer OP Sonik, leading Dalit poet/story writer Surajpal Chauhan, noted Dalit scholar Prof. Sheoraj Singh Bechain, noted story writer Krishna Parakh, famous anesthesian Dr. Sudesh Prakash, well known publisher S Anand, public intellectual Dr. Aditya Nigam, World Bank economist Dr. Rinkoo Murgai, scholar activist Dr. RK Bharati, economist Dr. Barun Mitra, economist Ms. Vasundhara Jadhav, noted Journalist Ms. Seetha Parthasarathy, media personality Gautam Siddharth, TV Journalist Ashim Khan, scientist Dr. RS Kuril, noted Dalit entrepreneurs Ratibhai Mackwana from Ahmedabad, Jitendra Mackwana from Bhav Nagar, Shushil Kumar from Ghaziabad, Mr. Mahe Saheb from Jalundhar, evangelist Fr. Sunil Sardar, Civil Servants Rajeev Mehrishi, Arvind Dohare, Sukhpal Singh, Brijesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Colleges and University teachers Dr. Chandra Shekhar, Dr. Rajesh Suman, Dr. Neelam, film makers Pankaj K Pracheta, Camera man Surender Kumar, noted Dalit activist Jai Bhagwan Jatav, Public Sector executive Hans Raj Gautam, to name only few, had graced the occasion.
Shubha Parmar, D Shyam Babu, Shishupal Singh, Dr. Rajesh Paswan, my cousin Pati Ram, I and my wife Meera Saroj played hosts.